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“Jins”: A Podcast on Sexuality, Gender and Islam | (dot)gender

(dot)gender | A space by LORENA STELLA MARTINI

Sexuality, gender identity, Islam: these are the overall themes addressed by the podcast Jins (“sex” in Arabic), with a main – but not exclusive – focus on Arabs and/or Muslims living in France, thus adopting an intersectional perspective.

From LGBTQIA+ activism in Arab countries to sexual ethic in Islam, from the intertwining of sexual frustration and religious radicalization to the decolonization of Arab and Muslim bodies, from Islamic feminism and its approach to sexuality to the representation of bodies in Arab music and cinema…this podcast is a chance to deconstruct many stereotypes in order to better seize the multifaceted dimensions of these issues, far from any unilateral and discriminatory approach.

Each episode features an expert in dialogue with the Franco-Moroccan creator of Jins. Among the guests: Asma Lamrabet, one of the most prominent advocates of a feminist re-reading of Islamic sources, Abdessamad Dialmy, Moroccan sociologist specialized in issues linked to sexuality, Zaynab Fasiki, Moroccan artivist whose drawings aim at representing women’s bodies free from any patriarchally-inspired taboo, Ludovic Mohamed-Zahed, Franco-Algerian Imam who has openly declared his homosexuality, and Yacine Djebelnouar, co-founder and president of Shams-France, an association assisting LGBTQIA+ people from the MENA region in France.

You can find Jins on Ausha, on Spotify. This project also has an Instagram account.

(This podcast is in French)