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“Silent Invasion” is Really Happening in Turkey? | (dot)migration

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“The year is May 3, 2023. Turkey has assimilated to the face of many refugees and has become Arabized . Corrupt society and irrelevant bureaucrats have caused the creation of this new world. Our main character, on the other hand, questions how this country has come to be and wants the order to come back.” The producer Karacasu shared this brief storyline of “Sessiz istila” short documentary on the online database of IMDB.

Sessiz istila ( Silent invasion in English)  was directed by Kam with the sponsorship of the Victory party leader Ümit Özdağ. Several experts characterize the Victory party as a far-right nationalist and anti-refugee party, and Ümit Özdağ expresses their radical anti-refugee policy without hesitation. After publishing this short documentary, producer H. Karacasu was detained by the Turkish General Directorate of Security and later released. After the release of Karacasu, Özdağ shared on his Twitter account that he approved the storyline and funded this short documentary. He further added that Syrians are guests, not the folk, and there are no grudges or hostility.

The Deputy Minister of the Interior, İsmail Çataklı accused the number of asylum seekers or migrants provided by the narrator of Sessiz istila as provocative and fictitious. According to the documentary, there are eight million Syrian asylum seekers. However, the Deputy Minister of the Interior insists that there are six million foreigners in Turkey, and not all of them are asylum seekers or Syrians. 

There is no proper mechanism to calculate an exact number of Syrian refugees or asylum seekers, considering the majority of them crossed the border illegally or without getting registered officially. Nevertheless, it should be also noted that Syrian women have approximately two times more fertility rate compared to Turkish women. Consequently, Syrian asylees could outnumber the Turkish ethnic community, which was realized already in several districts of Turkish cities.


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