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Call for Papers

Call for Papers – Expanding the Dialogue on Mediterranean Conflicts

theSquare Centre is proud to announce the call for papers about the Mediterranean dimensions of conflict(s). We invite  young researchers from all backgrounds to contribute  with their perspectives on the following themes: 

  • Defining Conflict and Insurgency: We seek to deepen the understanding of regional conflicts and insurgencies such as the enduring Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its related dynamics, and the complexities involving non-state actors such as the Houthis. 
  • Non-Regional and Non-State Actors: Submissions could address the influence of non-regional actors in shaping (in)stability and conflict dynamics. We encourage case studies on state actors as well as non-state entities such as the Wagner Group.
  • Election and Social Polarization: 2024 is a critical year for elections all around the globe. Papers should analyze the impact of these electoral cycles on stability and policy-making in the Mediterranean.
  • Cultural and intellectual narratives: In an era where information shapes reality, we are looking for papers that explore how disinformation campaigns contribute to social polarization, with a specific focus on Russian propaganda, and on the rise of Islamophobia and antisemitism. 

Submission Details: theSquare publishes two types of documents:

• the Commentary is a brief comment of about 900-1200 words;

• the Insight is a long-form analysis of about 2000-5000 words. 

The style to use in writing an analysis is the Chicago Style (follow the link for more informations

The deadline for  both commentaries and insights is set for March 15, 2024.

For further information please reach out: