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Contested Monuments across Europe

The project “Contested Monuments across Europe” aims to create a visual map of all the monuments which are, or have been, part of the debate on the historical and political past of European countries. The monuments taken into consideration are not necessarily statues or monuments already vandalized, since the map’s main purpose is to detect the symbols which have generated debates over European countries’ historical and political responsibility toward other countries, ethnic minorities, and suppressed political counterparts. “Contested Monuments across Europe” is a living, open-ended project where contested monuments will be periodically updated. We encourage individuals to actively participate in it by filling a dedicated form (found below) to report “new” monuments – which will be added to the map.

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    MAP CREATED BY: Giacomo Maria Arrigo, Jacopo Franceschini, Lorena Stella Martini, Emily Tasinato, Marie Figoureux.
    THANKS TO: NGO SOS Racismo (Portugal), Garba Diallo (NGO Crossing Borders, Denmark), Christopher Vella (University of Malta), Audrey Frayssignes (Association Survie, France), Paul Richard Johannessen (Green Party, Bergen, Norway), Gunlög Fur (Linnaeus University, Sweden), Cristiano Lanzano (The Nordic Africa Institute, Sweden), Mårten Snickare (Stockholm University, Sweden), Anna Sivula (University of Turku, Finland), Laurence Davis (University of Oxford, UK), Jordi Sans (freelance journalist), Hans Fässler (historian), Sevi Oxyzoglu (freelance researcher).