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theSquare – Mediterranean Centre for Revolutionary Studies is a boutique think tank devoted to the study of revolutions in the Mediterranean region. It’s an independent, non-partisan and non-profit centre based in Milan.

theSquare is a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary centre. It combines policy-oriented research with an equally significant theoretical approach. We adopt geopolitics, economics, philosophy, history, and other methodologies. Therefore, contrary to the majority of think tanks, theSquare studies both the theoretical and practical side of the topic.

theSquare’s work focuses on ideologies, practices, causes and consequences of all kind of revolutions. The centre analyses the evolution of disruptive groups and cultural, social and political breaking phenomena.

theSquare seeks to connect experts, academics, policymakers, civil society actors, practitioners and institutions from different fields by providing a platform for productive collaborations.

theSquare publishes Commentaries, Insights, Newsletters, Op-eds & Columns, acting as a publishing hub on information related to the topic. The publications aim at bringing knowledge on topical revolutionary issues both to selected audiences of scholars and policymakers, and to the wider audience.

The Commentaries aim to provide a general overview of a certain topic, offering background information and policy recommendations, as well as theoretical (historical and/or philosophical) analysis.

The Insights offer in-depth research on a topic, theme or issue related to revolutions in the Mediterranean area. The aim is to offer a deeper understanding and a detailed expertise on a general topic.

The section of Op-Eds & Columns seeks to publicise relevant articles and studies issued by other websites and newspapers.

The (dot) spaces are instant updates on various subjects, flash communications and speed bulletins on books, movies, articles, curiosities, and they characterised by a heavy use of multimedia, images and videos.

The centre organizes seminars and conferences, as well as roundtable discussions and talks.

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